About Silver Sands on Koh Tao

Coconut grove at Koh TaoSilver Sands is a family owned business who have lived on Koh Tao for generations  The family use to be simple fishermen and also farm coconuts on the island and then in the late 1980's the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan began to get popular with tourists who where exploring Thailand and some intrepid backpackers paid local fishermen to bring them over to Koh Tao where they would put up their tents and hammocks on the beach and stay for a couple of nights. 

The locals who had already been living on Koh Tao for quite a while at this point noticed the numbers of these adventurers coming over to the island were increasing and so they built some basic classic Thai beach bungalows, Silver Sands still has some of these to this day which you can book in through this website here.

Then as we passed the millenium the numbers of people coming over to Koh Tao to get their PADI diving licenses really started to increase and the island developed accordingly and the Silver Sands family decided to invest for the future and built the SIlver Sands Hotel with 14 rooms which was the first hotel to be built on Sairee beach and opened back in 2008.

Silver Sands also opened up the very popular & sucessful Silver Sands massage and spa where their old reception and mini market was located before the hotel opened and the resort reception moved into the hotel building.  The massage and spa proved to be so popular that the family opened up a second massage shop next to the Davy Jones Locker Diving shop which opened up in Sairee in 2007 and is now a PADI Career Development Centre which not only trains people how to dive it trains people how to become Diving Instructors.

Silver Sands also built monthly accommodation to cater for the ever growing number of people who wanted to stay on the island for extended periods of time to take longer dive training courses for example.  These are available on a monthly rental basis but aren't advertised online but you can contact us to check availability of those through either Facebook or this website.

The Silver Sands mama & papa still live in their simple house on the main road in Sairee and papa spends most of his days doing what he loves most, which is going out on his small fibreglass boat to go fishing and you can often see him walking through the resort in his fishermans pants and no shirt on with the fish he's caught whilst out which will be dinner for his family that evening.